Time is Money

Save More of Both

For auto remarketing, you know that getting your inventory in front of customers is the key to sales and profits. Dealerships lose an average of $30-$40 each day a car is stuck in process being reconditioned. Often, these delays are avoidable.


Better visibility and controls over the auto reconditioning process can help get your vehicles to the frontline more efficiently. ReconMonitor replaces manual tracking and paper-based management with an integrated solution that keeps vehicles moving at speed.


ReconMonitor helps you to stay in touch and in control of your reconditioning operation. Gone are the endless phone calls to the shop to check the status of a vehicle. Less time making and answering calls means more time working and faster turn-arounds. And that means peace of mind.

Cars recon software - Recon Monitor

Software that puts you in control of your hardware

Developed over 5 years and constantly improving

Powerful Performance

Whether you’re processing 10 cars a week or 10,000

Highly Customizable

Each installation is tailored to your business and process needs

Easy to Use

Your business can start using ReconMonitor within hours of installation

Cross-device Availability

Use on computer, tablet or mobile phone. Your control goes where you do.

Tools for Techs

Your technician can immediately find assigned work, see the pipeline or share repair with other teammates.

  • Configurable Filters
  • Report Repair Status
  • Track Repair Time
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Vehicle Condition Report
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ReconMonitor - Take control of your cars recon
  • Tools for Techs
  • Central Command

    Get a good look into the details of each repair

    • Monitor Progress
    • Update Status
    • Reassign Techs
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    Tracker Recon Monotor
  • Central Command
  • Powerful Analytics

    With our suite of interactive reports you can quickly find the information you need.

    • Interactive Dashboard
    • Drill-down Reports
    • Find Bottlenecks
    • See Trends
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    Analytic in ReconMonitor
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Instant Visibility

    With ReconMonitor you can quickly understand at what stage all your repairs are, see the bottlenecks and underused resources.

    • See all your inventory at one screen
    • Identify problematic areas
    • Highlight important or past-due repairs
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    Mobile Desktop and Tablet displaying Recon Monitor screens
  • Instant Visibility
    • Be a Hero!

      Reclaim your organization’s time and make bigger profits while you do!

      Your People – Your Process

      Every organization has its own systems and processes. Instead of forcing your dealership to adopt a pre-defined workflow, ReconMonitor is configured to your dealership’s unique process.


      Streamlined Operation

      We don’t dictate changes to your operation, but we do help you streamline and improve with user-level access and back-office integration to keep all your stakeholders informed and engaged.


      Engaged Team

      Your cars recon team knows what to do now, what to do next, and how their work contributes to the final result. And you have complete visibility into the entire process for each vehicle from inspection to frontline ready.


      Get Control

      Find out how organizations like yours are improving gross margins and increasing profits with ReconMonitor. Schedule a personal demonstration

      Vehicle condition report - ReconMonitor


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      Starts at $495.00/mo /
      Fits Your Process
      Stage Visibility for All Repairs
      Team Collaboration
      Alerts & Notifications
      Dashboard View
      ReconMonitor Value-Added Services
      CallUs Toll Free in North America: 1 (888) 600-6898 /
      Digital Inspections & CPOs
      Multiple Locations
      Damage Photo Integration
      Full Repair Life Cycle
      Process Enforcement
      Repair Cost Management
      Workflow & Approval Management
      Tech Commissions Support
      Track Individual Service Repairs
      Technician & Vendor Accountability
      DMS Integrations
      Advanced Time Tracking
      Parts and Labor Hours Management

      * Pricing listed is for a typical dealership processing about 500 ROs per month and does not include set-up fee, if applicable.

      Questions? Call us at (855) 880-2268

      Seamless Integrations

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