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Digital Control
of Workflows and

What Does ReconMonitor Do?

ReconMonitor puts you in control of your workflows to keep the repairs moving forward from vehicle acquisition to customer delivery. If your team works away from your own fixed operation, this is your complete remote control. With this software, you can track each sublet or employee task and manage how those tasks are being performed. Automatic alerts will notify you if a sublet or employee gets behind schedule, and the system will send you several levels of visual alerts as any job for any car misses a milestone.

This helps you execute your repairs at maximum speed.

When a used car enters the reconditioning process, an inspector performs a VIN scan using a mobile phone or handheld scanner. The inspector enters a few other pieces of information for each type of service.

The inspector identifies work to be done and with a few clicks the system automatically sends work orders to the appropriate technicians.

ReconMonitor automatically creates a work order and sends it with required schedule to the contributors who can access via any device.

As each technician completes his/her tasks for each vehicle they enter a “job complete” note into the device, which then advances to the next repair task in the sequence.

Management can analyze operations and quality of work.

After approval, ReconMonitor generates invoices on behalf of sublets for all completed work.

Vehicles are made ready with predictable delivery and complete visibility.

You know that turning your repairs efficiently is the key to profitability. Nobody wins when a car is stuck in process being reconditioned. Often, these delays are avoidable.

Better visibility and controls over the reconditioning process can help get your vehicles processed more efficiently. ReconMonitor replaces manual tracking and paper-based management with an integrated solution that keeps vehicles moving at speed.

ReconMonitor helps you to stay in touch and in control of your reconditioning operation. Gone are the endless phone calls to the shop to check the status of a vehicle. Less time making and answering calls means more time working and faster turn-arounds. And that means peace of mind.

Seamless Integrations

Product Features

Vin Decoder

Includes trim, paint code lookup, vehicle recalls

Workflow tracking with time tracking

Full visibility across your operation

DMS Integration

Seamless integrations with most systems

Team Collaboration

Share Inspections, Work orders, or Invoices across teams

Full Service Menu Control

Create a service menu specific to each account


Calculate Flat Rate, % Gross / Net, Tired Commissions, Splits

Service Requests

Dispatch & Scheduling

Estimate Approvals

On device, via web or quick link

Configurable Question Forms

Customized for your business

Configurable Print Templates

Your custom business identity and layouts in hard copy

Configurable Email Templates

Your custom branding and layouts in emails

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